Our Awards

Here are a list of our current awards. As awards are issued manually, it is up to the pilot to report to the Awards Co-ordinator that they have qualified for an award by sending a message through the website message system to the Awards Co-Ordinator. The award will be added to your profile.

Espana Excursion A very nice 15 leg tour of Spain. Thank you Alex.
Germany 21 legs provide picturesque views of Germany. Viel SpaƟ bei der Deutschlandtour.
USA Island Hops Every destination has "island" in it's name for 17 legs
Costa Rica 27 tour legs will keep you busy in Costa Rica.
Fiji Islands Let's go tropical. Get your feet wet in 16 legs.
World Wine Grab a glass. 24 legs to make you a connoisseur of fine wines.
Whirlwind 'round Wisconsin This 24 leg tour of Wisconsin will make you dizzy.
Wales A 13 leg tour of Wales .. Croesewir cynlluniau peilot
The Silk Road This 23 leg tour takes you from Uzbekistan to Turkey. Follow the SILK ROAD.
California Coast Fly 18 legs from southern to northern California along the coast.
Scenic Mexico Explore southern Mexico in this 11 leg tour.
Santa Fe Trail These 17 legs will take you from East Kansas City, Missouri to Santa Fe, New Mexico and back to Dodge City, Kansas.
RUAG's South American This 17 leg tour is not for the faint of heart, Starts at Mexico City, Mexico and ends in Natal, Brazil.
Portugal Fly 14 legs from Lisbon to Ponta Delgada, Portugal
Poker Run Visit 24 well known gambling destinations.
North to Alaska Flying 23 legs will take you from Bremerton, Washington to Cold Bay, Alaska along the west coast
New Zealand Fly 16 legs covering both of these interesting islands
New South Wales A 15 leg round trip through the state of New South Wales on the east coast of Australia
Keith's Alaska Highway Enjoy the beauty of a flight of 11 legs from Dawson Creek to Delta Junction
Gold In Them Thar Hills In each of 11 legs you will find "Gold" at the destination
Cross Canada Enjoy south Canada from the east coast to the west coast during the 21 legs of this tour
Distilleries of Scotland Develop your finer taste for Scotch whiskey by flying 11 legs through out Scotland
Canadian Ski Bum Test your mountain flying skills. 11 legs from Calgary, Alberta to British Columbia and back to Alberta
California Fire Fly 9 legs from Abbotsford, BC Canada to Southern California and back to Abbotsford
Bravo Italiano Fly 24 legs from Trieste to Palermo, Italy
Elephants & Leopards Fly 21 legs from Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka to Chennai, India
Scarlet Destinations Fly 21 legs with the destination's name containing "red".
Cuba Fly the 11 legs of this tour from San Julian [MUSJ] to Gustavo Rizo [MUBA] FSX/P3D only
Member Parent Club -CCVA In Recognition of a pilot who flew with CCVA prior to the amalgamation.
Member Parent Club - VIFC In recognition of past service with the Virtual International Flying Club. One of the two clubs amalgamated into CIVA.
Helicopter Pilot In Recognition of a pilot who has successfully completed a minimum of 5 takeoffs and landings.
Military Monday Participant Awarded to any pilot who participates in any Military Monday Flight
Commercial Pilot Awarded to a pilot who successfully completes 10 Scheduled Flights on Regional or Long Haul aircraft from our fleet.
Corporate Pilot Awarded to a pilot who completes at least five Corporate flights. The flights can be part of a Tour or on your own.
50th Completed Tour Awarded to the pilot who successfully completes 50 CIVA Tours
25th Completed Tours Awarded to the pilot who successfully completes 25 CIVA Tours
10th Completed Tour Awarded to the pilot who successfully completes 10 CIVA Tours
5th Completed Tour Awarded to the pilot who successfully completes five CIVA Tours
1st Completed Tour Awarded to a pilot who completes his first Tour at CIVA
First CIVA Group Flight This badge awarded to our pilots after completion of their first Group Flight