Wayne Lourens
South Africa South Africa
Based at LIPB Bolzano
Joined on 2019-02-17
IVAO Account ID 877575
Earnt $9,881.46 in total

Retired People Empowerment and Sustainable Community Development Consultant. Now active farmer on a "lifestyle" farm of 165 Ha in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, South Africa (Google Earth Co-ords: S 29 31 35.41 E 30 02 37.68). Have flown Flight Sim on FS2002 Pro since 2004, and designed my own liveries along the way. Went onto FSX Deluxe Boxed in 2010. Upgraded to FSX-SE a few years ago. I've done a fair bit of airport design, and use Scruffy Duck ADE Pro (with ProKey) currently. Still do some aircraft liveries, and now (when time permits) I have SBuilderX313 and Abacus FS Design Studio v 3.5.1 that I'm starting to learn, to upgrade airports (especially Hubs) to photo-real 3D. Bolzano LIPB (where my son-in-law was based as an Alpine Special Forces Officer in the Italian Armed Forces) has recently undergone an upgrade which I'm working on, with sloping runway included. I've been a Member of VIFC since about 2013, and converted to VAM when the Club transformed in February 2016. I've been a Member of VIFC's Steering Committee, and took the inaugural Chairmanship in the round-robin system. I'm excited about the new changes, and look forward to contributing what I can. I also have plans to learn more pHp, and will offer my services when I have done so. In my daily life, I'm Chairman of a Body Corporate of 49 Sections right on the coast at Umdloti Beach, just north of Durban and close to the King Shaka International Airport (FALE) - not a standard FSX airport because it is newly built to cater for the Soccer World Cup in 2010. I also am an active horse rider and trainer, and Chairman of our local Working Equitation Club, President of the KZN Working Equitation Association, General Manager of the newly-formed South African Working Equitation Association, as well as being the Head of Portfolio for both Advertising and Marketing, as well as PR, Liaison, and Communications. Virtual Flying is my relaxation (when FSX-SE behaves itself, otherwise its a stress factor) from my other activities, especially the farming side, where I and my partner, Kathy, are on-call 24/7 for any livestock issues. To maximize my desire for more realism, I have invested quite heavily (mostly on sale items) in ORBX scenery, and have the Aerosoft Antarctica package, along with some other payware aircraft and add-ons. After issues with FSX -SE in November/December, I put X-Plane 11 - SE on my wishlist, but didn't succumb to the temptation.....

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Latest Flights

Flight Number Date From To Duration Aircraft Landing Rate
TOUR-PORTUGAL-LEG6 2019-12-09 LPFR LPPM 00:23:33 SOLOY MK2 CUSTOM N7277X -100fpm
TOUR-PORTUGAL 2019-12-09 LPMT LPPM 00:44:06 LET L-410 FG YFC -460fpm
SGFI-08122019 2019-12-08 34A 46A 01:02:56 CESSNA 414A_WHITE-RED -292fpm
TOUR-PORTUGAL 2019-12-08 LPST LPMT 00:23:36 SOLOY MK2 CUSTOM N7277X -190fpm
TOUR-PORTUGAL 2019-12-08 LPTN LPST 00:34:36 SOLOY MK2 CUSTOM N7277X -475fpm
TOUR-PORTUGAL 2019-12-08 LPPT LPTN 00:37:03 SOLOY MK2 CUSTOM N7277X -447fpm
SGFI-17112019 2019-12-03 LGKM LGAL 00:47:48 AS332_LNOHL -465fpm
MM-14102019 2019-12-02 PHNG XBEL 00:58:05 CN-235 USCG -259fpm
SGFI-01122019 2019-12-01 CAU6 CBS8 01:09:24 DHC6-400_AMPHIBIANX_VIKING2 -264fpm
SBB30112019 2019-12-01 KACV O19 01:15:09 SOLOY MK2 TUNDRA C-GFKL -427fpm
SBB-02112019 2019-11-24 LYNK LYPG 01:04:45 SOLOY MK2 FLOAT TRANSPORT N2429R -752fpm
SGFI-24112019 2019-11-24 OINR OIII 01:14:49 BEECH KING AIR 350 VIFC -861fpm
TOUR-VIETNAM 2019-11-15 VVPQ VVCM 00:23:43 CITATION X PAINT9 -113fpm
TOUR-VIETNAM 2019-11-14 VVCT VVPQ 00:36:20 CITATION X PAINT9 -812fpm
TOUR-VIETNAM 2019-11-14 VVCL VVCT 00:48:51 CITATION X PAINT9 -332fpm
TOUR-VIETNAM 2019-11-12 VVNT VVCL 00:16:14 CITATION X PAINT9 -249fpm
TOUR-VIETNAM 2019-11-12 VVTS VVNT 00:51:30 CITATION X PAINT9 -1,000fpm
TOUR-VIETNAM 2019-11-11 VVBM VVTS 00:47:11 CITATION X PAINT7 -400fpm
TOUR-VIETNAM 2019-11-10 VVTH VVBM 00:22:49 CITATION X PAINT7 -662fpm